Globalstratos works on shalom structures – structures that are designed to catalyze prosperity and wholeness for everyone who participates.The Shalom Prosperity Framework (SPF) aims to rectify wicked problems by designing and developing prosperous and whole systems. SPF operates in and through the paradigm of wholeness instead of the prevalent paradigm of fragmentation.

Wholeness as a life-giving order is a process as well. Our goal is to develop and sustain life-giving order and progressively increasing degrees of wholeness by transforming or transcending the current state of materials and situations. Transform means to change (or metamorphose) form, appearance, nature, disposition, character, etc. Transcend means to rise above, go beyond, or exceed the normal state which causes disruptions. Transcendence is required for “new” things to come into existence out of seemingly nothing. As transcendent systems gain strength and stability, they infuse other systems with their essence which works as a mutually reinforcing process to cause the transcendent system to become the “new” normal.

Individuals, in the role of creator or entrepreneur operating regeneratively, are regenerative agents operating as strong centers of structures, forces, and qualities that drive progressively toward increasing degrees of wholeness. Regenerative development is the mechanism by which we achieve the goal of increasing degrees of wholeness through the agency of regenerative systems. A regenerative system is one that encapsulates the regenerative agent and the mechanism of regenerative development. This is the underlying premise for our Shalom Prosperity Framework and our Shalom Integrated Development Framework (SIDF). SPF is a structured intervention to catalyze large-scale development that results in diversified, but integrated systems of prosperity which can emerge as robust, rich, resilient, restorative, adaptive and regenerative systems over time and space. The vision of SPF is to “Globally deriving[1] thriving[2] societies now for the future.” The motto of SPF is to “create, catalyze, and cause to thrive systems of prosperity and wholeness everywhere for everyone.”

A shalom execution system starts with the building blocks that contain the energy, or engine, for growth. These building blocks are actually a methodology for catalyzing development and qualitative growth (inclusive of quantitative growth in appropriate spheres of operation). The methodology is then executed within various strata of society – individual, community, state/province/region, strategic projects which span several regions and communities, the nation, and the orchestration unit – Globalstratos™. The methodology and strata serve as the “skeletal structure” upon which all activity occurs. A variety of applications and solutions, which are aligned with the methodology, are developed at each strata or across strata.

The result of the execution system is a shalom structure, which like the human body or society, is a complex adaptive system. A complex adaptive system (CAS) is defined as:

(An) entity consisting of many diverse and autonomous components or parts (called agents) which are interrelated, interdependent, linked through many (dense) interconnections, and behave as a unified whole in learning from experience and in adjusting (not just reacting) to changes in the environment. Each individual agent of a CAS is itself a CAS: a tree, for example, is a CAS within a larger CAS (a forest) which is a CAS in a still larger CAS (an ecosystem). Similarly, a member of a group is just one CAS in a chain of several progressively encompassing a community, a society, and a nation. Each agent maintains itself in an environment which it creates through its interactions with other agents.

[1] We use the word “derive” since everything is undivided wholeness where systems are not created separately but emerge from, and are individuated within, the whole (the origin).

[2] We characterize thriving systems as whole, regenerative, generative, adaptive, restorative, resilient, and self-sustaining.