Feed Farmers and Families for The Future

Feed Farmers and Families for the Future (FFFF) is a short-term program to address immediate food insecurity and low incomes in farming, mining, and other natural resource, communities. Within a three to four month period after implementation, farmers and their families have healthy, nutritious, and diverse food crops along with the basic practices to sustain the crops from season to season. The farmers also produce more than they need so that they can help others who are food insecure and sell excess in local and regional market. The specific aspects of this initiative are:

  • Provide a variety of non-GMO seeds that are nutritious and open pollinate.
  • Teach farmers how how to: 1) Improve soil and water management, 2) Improve and include regenerative cultivation practices, 3) Harvest and preserve seeds, 4) Manage seedling nurseries, and 5) Improve food preservation techniques.
  • Register farmers and communities so that in future it will be more expeditious to work with and support them.
  • Provide common farming implements.

FFFF is a springboard into our Small-Scale Producer Production and Market Program, which then feeds into our long-term integrated, regenerative development portfolio called Landscape Multiplex. We are not working on short-term solutions that are not sustainable, but those that will help the farmers and their communities thrive over the long-term.