Who We Are

Globalstratos is a family of for-profit and not-profit organizations focused on regenerative, and inclusive, development and growth. Globalstratos emerged after a decade and a half of work on finding alternative economic systems to support inclusive growth and prosperity. Globalstratos was established in 2014 and the first entity was registered in 2017 in the USA.

Our Vision

Globalstratos is the leading instigator and propagator of systems of prosperity around the world.

Our Strategic Intent

  • Planting seeds, and cultivating systems, of prosperity everywhere for everyone
  • Plugging people into the power to prosper

Our Mission

Create, grow, and sustain value streams (e.g., economic, social, community) with the collaboration and/or participation, and for the benefit, of stakeholders (e.g., communities, individuals, families, government, private sector, faith institutions, civil society). These streams merge together as a tapestry for a diverse, but synergized global economy (of prosperity) that is inclusive and boundary spanning.