Stratos Development and Growth Engine™

The Stratos Development and Growth Engine™ is a complex adaptive system injected into a local economy through a series of key or large-scale business or project opportunities. As people and institutions (agents) interact at lower levels, new interactions and formations form at higher levels within the local economy, even extending into the national and international arenas.

The premise for SDGE is simply. First, the underlying vehicles for growth and development are key enterprises, e.g., large-scale processing plant, that integrates with local value chains which include small to medium-scale enterprises. Second, stakeholders locally, nationally, internationally provide resources, both tangible and intangible, to develop and grow SDGE system. Third, three key sub-systems have been developed as key interventions that provide the foundation for SDGE to operate at a large-scale. These key sub-systems include:

  • Business/Venture/Project Development – the methodology and mechanisms to develop and grow ventures, businesses, and projects.
  • Integrated and Inclusive Socioeconomic Infrastructure – the methodology and mechanisms to amplify equitable and inclusive benefits to a broader range of stakeholders.
  • Asset Engine – the methodology and mechanisms to create asset structures that can be translated to capital that supports the SDGE. These assets are both tangible and intangible.