Natural Resources Development and Trade

Natural capital is the world’s stock of natural resources, which includes geology, soils, air, water and all living organisms…It is an extension of the economic notion of capital (resources which enable the production of more resources) to goods and services provided by the natural environment. (Wikipedia) We provide platforms that transform and leverage natural capital for economic and social development.

In general, we approach natural resources as central to human development and growth but embedded within this is an operational understanding that leveraging natural resources must harmonize people, planet and profit. So, our platforms incorporate regenerative sustainability and resilience. The following graphic highlights the pattern of out growth we design for.

Our platforms and work are designed as integrated systems, structures, and projects that operate as ecosystems that are adaptive and innovative so that our partners and Globalstratos continually grow into new dimensions. The following graphic highlights our integrated development framework for natural resource value chains.

A few of our offerings are: