Country & Institutional Development Partnerships Program

CIDP is designed for countries and large institutions with multiple large-scale projects that focus on inclusive economic development. The foundation for a successful CIDP deployment are bankable, or investment-ready, projects. How CIDP is structured allows bankable (and implemented) projects to unlock:

  • Investment and funding
  • Resources and partnerships
  • Jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities (specifically addressing youth unemployment)
  • Spin-off markets and businesses
  • Acceleration of social and economic development targets
  • Improvement of livelihoods and business opportunities for citizens so that they have the capacity to pay for services and taxes
  • Improvement in service delivery
  • Workforce and skills development
  • Strengthening of research and education institutions
  • Simultaneous urban and rural community development
  • New global opportunities and partnerships for in-country stakeholders, including government, educational institutions, and private sector
  • Capacitization, support, and finance of entrepreneurs and SMMEs
  • Platform for further investment and trade with others

The projects, and their financing, can be leveraged to do integrated and inclusive development. The goal is to create structures and projects that will allow for the ongoing development of the targeted locations not just a project by project approach, and empowering the country, or institution, and its constituents to lead the effort. CIDP provides the platform to take projects from idea to bankability to construction to implementation.

Tenets of CIDP

  • Projects are designed to bring wholeness and well-being to the people participating in or impacted by the project.
  • Projects must have an inclusive economic growth strategy.
  • Projects will go to extra lengths to ensure those that are marginalized, disenfranchised, and poor benefit significantly from the outcomes.
  • Partners will focus on ways to find a common vision and ground instead of division and conflict.
  • GGA will hold itself to these standards and others participating. GGA will not allow behavior that undermines these tenets.