Asseza™ Natural Capital Platform

The Asseza™ Natural Capital Platform enables government and community to manage and leverage their natural resources for economic and social development projects. The platform is the engine for taking a regenerative, resilient, and life cycle approach to natural resources development and management. It provides the ability to inventory, valuate, develop, use, monitor/track, and manage natural resources. A key aim is maximizing the potential of natural resources to aide in human development while maintaining a dynamic harmony between people, planet and profit.

The core pillar of the platform is leveraging value by facilitating a continuous cycle of value formation and flow.

To learn more about the platform, view the information sheet below.

The platform includes the Asseza Multiplex™ mobile labs and buy centers that serve as a key element in the platform’s ability to assist in the work of natural resources from inventory to leverage. Much of the data collection and laboratory testing is shifted to the field, along with remote sensing, to provide real-time, cost effective means for overseeing natural resources. When incorporating the CommoditiCO™ Value Chain and Trade Platform, the mobile labs serve as mobile buy centers also.